Knitters are the Best

With everything that’s happening in the world at the moment is is very easy to get dragged down into negative thought cycles… Getting angrier and more upset about things that we cannot change, fighting these issues and against each other. This just isn’t the right way… It’s not the right way to behave!


It’s true folks The Beatles had it right – All you need is love! I find that it’s really easy to get trapped in a cycle of negativity, especially if you work for yourself and don’t get much time with other people in the day… It’s easy to have quick conversations with neighbours, other mothers at the school gate:

THEM “how are you doing?”

ME “Yeah good… surviving, you?” or a sarcastically “living the dream!”

Surviving… Surviving!! As the words come out of my mouth I’m appalled… I’m doing better than that – I’m not just surviving… We live a modest life and we work very hard for it but we are more then just surviving we have colour in our lives! If there’s one thing that the economic turbulence of 2016 has taught me it’s that positivity is key.

For the Woman That Never Wins Anything…. #knitterspayitforward

I commented on an instagram post by Julie Knits in Paris she is an example of the wonderful group of knitters that are taking over instagram asking this wonderful community to #bethechange! So as part of being chosen she is passing on a beautiful shawl pattern to me and in return I will pass on something creative. I can’t wait to cast on – I’m so excited to #payitforward.


Image taken from Julie Knits in Paris – Instagram

I mean look at it – Isn’t it gorgeous!! I’m going stash diving tonight in preparation! My first introduction to Brioche knitting too…. Happy early Christmas to me!

If you have 5 minuets and you’re in need of a pick up or would just like to see the best side of the knitting community have a look on Instagram using the search #payitforward or #knitterspayitforward.


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