A New Tradition is Born

So, this year I am partaking in something that I feel is going to become a bit of a tradition for me. I found (by complete accident) a blog post by ‘Little Bobbin Knits’ about her Christmas Eve cast on…. & well what can I say, it was the perfect excuse to buy the yarn that I have been converting but couldn’t quite find the right excuse to buy. I have always found Christmas an extremely stressful time of the year especially on recent adult years, so here is something that is just about focusing on knitting and enjoying the moment!…. I’m casting on, bring on 24th December!

Paper Flowers – by River Knits (honestly the most beautiful yarn I’ve bought in a long time… I love watching the inveeadible colour variations as they run though my fingers, greys, pinks and bright teals… absolute favourite!)

Oooo and no shiny new knitting project is the same without a new set of knitting needles…. stitch markers and of course a project bag!

The stitch markers are from Granary Knits, they came so quickly and beautifully packaged I was even more in love with them when I unwrapped them! Have a look at her Etsy shop what customer service!!

Needles… Well these are just my new loves….! I want to have a set of these in every possible combination. Completely by fluke I was bondage watching Yarngasam podcasts today too and she said the same thing about these needles… Hiya Hiya Sharps…. I managed to poke my finger and make it bleed knitting with these… they’re pointy accurate and perfect! As if you didn’t need any more persuasion the flexi cables match my yarn… SOLD!

Coming out the other side of a hectic Christmas. 

This year has been crazy…. I was super stressed in the build up to Christmas making presents for people and keeping everything running… as the husband and I spend different parts of the holiday with our respective families there’s always travelling involved and it’s never as relaxing as one would like it to be. BUT that said… we are now at home and I have a chance to catch up on knitting and sleep… there is nothing like your own bed!

I’m thrilled with how these little beauties are knitting up… I’m also really pleased that I chose to do a contrasting toe in my hand dyed… It was a last minuet choice but one Im certainly not regretting infact it’s making these socks for me at the moment. So much subtitle colour!!!


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