Looking Forward in 2017

Now is the time of year to start cleansing the liver and making all sorts of resolutions for the new year. I’m jumping on the band wagon this year as I’m entering my 30th year and it’s time to implement some positive changes.

Buy Handmade & Local Wherever Possible

Lets start with food…. Living in Stroud with the proper planning I can visit the farmers market, it’s a 40 minute walk along the canal path with Hutch. I’ve got a lovely basket to fill full of veggies and home baked bread… This is going to be a healthy start to my new year visiting the market, buying organic and making healthy wholesome soups and food for our little family.

Knitting… There are so many lovely new indie dyers now in the UK and Ireland that we are almost spoilt for choice! I’m going to check out a lot more of the independent yarn shops in the area too and support our high street too. I like a really good selection and choice when it comes to yarns, I love hand dyed and well 4 ply sock is my favourite. My two/three most local yarn shops don’t stock any variegated or exciting sock yarn which is a real pity so I’m going to have to go further a field… to Bath! There are two shops within a couple of miles of each other and I’ve heard good things. I’m looking forward to a trip over there to go and have a look at what they have to offer. Courtesy of Instagram there are a large variety of indie dyers that I have my eye on too, although a lot of them are in the US. 

Keep up with Podcasts

It’s a new and exciting world out there folks… I can’t believe how much everything in the knitting world has exploded in the last 5 years. Blogging, Vlogging (and all sorts of ‘ogging’ words) there are  so many people online talking about knits, running KAL’s and keeping me company while I work! Some of my favourites this year so far are:

The Dyers Notebook: My first introduction to Podcasts… Laura from Gynx Yarns is just great to watch and her podcasts are s0 interesting.

Little Bobbin Knits: A lovely English podcast, Dani keeps up to date with all of the shows that are going on in the UK, local dyers, makers and crafters. Her podcasts are engaging and while she has a different style to me I really like what she makes. Her lovely little pooch Bobbin features a lot too.

Yarngasam: The lovely lady behind Voolenvine yarn, Kristin shares not just her knits but her spinning and sewing too.

Get a Little Closer to Finishing The House

This is something that is haunting my husband and I at the moment, we both need to crack on and get things done but it’s just finding the time and the energy… When you live in a space it’s so much more difficult to actually crack on and get it finished. Especially when you both work full or more than full time! 

Knit A Jumper

I have never yet managed it… It’s always something that’s eluded me, knitting a jumper seems like such a difficult thing to do! thinking about different eases, shaping and then there’s actually making it! Well I’ve decided to get over myself… 2017 if the year of socks and jumpers! I’ve selected a pattern by Isabell Kraemer called ‘Driftwood‘ it’s a pattern that I’ve had in my Ravelry queue for years and never tackled so now is the time – It’s a pattern for worsted yarn and just in case I cock it up I’m going to use something that I know will take a lot of ripping back. Hopefully it will knit up fairly quickly, then I’m going to move onto something finer using some of my own hand dyed.

Stress Less

Last but by no means least…. I need less stress in my life! It is all created by me and I put it upon myself time and time again. It needs to stop happening. I’m more creative when I’m not stressed, I can think clearer and I am so so so much more fun to be around. 2017 guys…. This is going to happen! 

So wishing you all a very very happy New Year! I hope you all have luck with your resolutions… I’m going to need to keep reminding myself thought the coming months I think!


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