Needles Needles Everywhere…

Years ago… Almost as soon as I started knitting I made the leap to knitting predominantly on circulars… It makes life so much easier – even when knitting flat… Makes your knitting more portable too as circular needles fit in my go bags nice and neatly. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I gave up the clumsy long strait needles for shiny new KnitPro’s…

So I was faithful to KnitPro’s for many many years… I have wooden, metal, cubix the whole lot, in the plastic case that I bought the original set in. It wasn’t long before the zip went on the case which was a shame. In the last few years though I started experiencing more issues with the needles. Tiny irritating burrs on the cables, the plastic cable separating from the metal screw part… Making for a very frustrating and irritating scrabble to pick up the stitches. So I started looking for alternatives… Ones with sturdier cables and a better overall finish. I found them at the Knitting & Stitching show at the Loop London stand. I’ve read lots of reviews about my new replacement needles prior to my purchase and holding them at the show I knew that these were the right ones for me!


Photo Credit: Loop London Website.

ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Lace Circular Interchangeable Set

At £124 they’re not cheep but they really are worth it! Strong cables that hold their shape! No more flopping misshapen flimsy plastic cables that you have to steam to reshape from the KnitPro’s. These ChiaoGoo needles have a strong smooth outer plastic red cable with a twisted metal core. They’re a dream to knit with… I’ve had mine for three years at least, they are everything I could have hoped for. The design of the end stoppers aren’t as pretty as they could be but everything is so much more solid and well put together. The case everything comes in too it’s all so well thought out and beautifully presented.

Lace Knitting and Socks

For sock knitting I’ve been using Addi Lace Turbos, they make your hands smell metallic for the first few rows as they’re a brass composite I think. Used the 2.25mm 100cm to make up my two at a time toe up socks. They are sharp enough to work with wollmeise (which tends to come apart if not knit with positively). I’ve ordered a set of Knit Pro Zing and Hiya Hiya Sharps to test for my year of socks so we shall see how that goes! Updates on those to follow…

KnitPro Zing 2.25mm 120cm – ON TEST


Hiya Hiya Sharp 2.25 100cm – ON TEST



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