Angelique Test Knit… FO Friday!

So as part of FO Friday it thought I would share Angelique with you… This is my first test knit in maybe three years. This time I was determined to stay ahead of my goals and finish everything ahead of time… I’m telling you.. having a physical job and keeping the knitting going in the evening is tough. (I’m testing the Angelique shawl for Suzie Sparkles on Ravelry, you can find more pictures of my test and notes on my projects page here.)


Photo Credit: Suzie Sparkles

Stash Me Up Landlord…

Going through the attic stash – oh so much fun! I’d forgotten I had soooooo much wool… & so many beautiful colours (they are now still scattered all over my living room!). It seems to be that in the past I’ve had a little bit of a yarn fetish!

After moving house last year and starting a new job my knitting has fallen by the way side, well I’m back with my needles clicking at the ready! I’ve been out and bought myself a new set of lace stitch markers (fripperies n bibelots of course!) ready to go for this latest project from my local yarn shop Bluestocking Yarns in Stroud.


Photo Credit: Wollmeise Yarns

Aching Hands & Stockingette…. 

So I’ve picked Wollmeise – in the past this yarn has been my one true love and well it was the only yarn I had enough of to get this project started. So here we go, the first test knit for years and I’m starting with a tonne of stockinette before the lace… was this a good idea?

Starting out with any project is exciting… YEAH…. new project… LETS DO THIS!!!… the trick is to maintain the interest but not over excite or stimulate the braincells so that they get confused. My issue is that I’m signed up now until the end of the month – one way or another the shawl is getting finished!!! I also opted for the larger size as I’m going to have to break into hank two anyway I might as well do it whole heartedly and with style… right?

And lets face it… Who doesn’t love a BIG ‘wrap me up’ shawl.

Angelique test 1.jpg

Knitting in Coffee 1 with my new stitch markers! 

Wrong…. I’m regretting my decision… I love textures and a little more of an involving knit. Not one that demands so much that you have to knit it in a quiet room with no distractions for months on end, but one that you can knit whilst watching something uncomplicated on TV… For me I’m about 160 rows into the shawl and well it’s turing out beautifully and so far. I’m not quite at the stage of telling the person I’m testing for that I’ve have my hands cut off in some terrible accident and I’ll never knit again… But with all this repetition it’s getting close.

Don’t get me wrong… It’s not the author of the patterns fault at all. It’s a beautiful knit and I can’t wait to get to the lace part at the end it’s going to be wonderful when it’s finished but damn do I want to get to that lace part – I really do!!

When You Count The Rows… It’s Worse….

I know that keeping track of where you are is an integral part of knitting and following patterns but wow I’ll be dammed if sometimes its not the same as when you’re on a long journey on the motor way and you make the mistake of looking at your sat nav too regularly…. only 78 miles left on the M1…. (what feels like hours later)…. only 72 miles left.. ARRRGGGGHH!!!


Personal endeavours that one needs to overcome take many forms… just saying!

Still Knitting Stockinette… Regretting Wollmeise?

So I’m about two weeks into this project now and I am fully invested in it. I am almost thought the first hank (150g) and its starting to take it’s toll on me. I’m beginning to regret my choice of yarn… Or maybe its the combination of the yarn with the needles but the little buggers like slipping off and running!! I know I shouldn’t knit after a glass of wine but where’s the fun in that?

So as it stands… Still going strong and only a few more rows to go before the lace!


After late nights, early mornings, evenings and weekends… Nearly a month to the day that I started it’s finally finished, blocked and photographed. I’m thrilled with the outcome… I had a love hate relationship with this project from the start… I wasn’t sure about the yarn, the stockingette took forever and the lace repeats well there were so so many of them and I might have dropped a couple of stitches here and there along the way so they needed picking up and fixing!

The end result however… after all of that…. I’m thrilled with! It’s even better now it’s been blocked the drape its fantastic and I used a new ‘no rinse’ wool wash… It’s beautiful! So soft!

If There is a Next Time…

Completing a test knit is always interesting because you get to see all of the different variations that the other people completing the knit have come up with. I loved some of the different ones in this group. One very talented lady covered the stockinette part in beads (one sure fire way of making that part of the knit more interesting!). With all of the different yarn variations too, I’m always amazed at how other people interpret a brief/pattern.


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