Work in Progress Mountain of Shame!

After watching Alterknit Universe’s WIP collection on Youtube the other day I thought I would have a dig though mine and see just how many projects I have on the needles at the moment… And if any of them still have momentum… After spending all of the past week cleaning tiding and sorting the house (something that needed to be done about 18 months ago when we moved in) I came across a lot of knitting projects that needed love! I must admit i have cheated a little… I’ve ripped back rather a lot of them and some of them went in the incinerator… Too many emotions attached to them to finish them or to re use the wool (does anyone else get like that with projects or is it just me?!).

I have been left with the following projects… This doesn’t include the very long “To Knit” list that I have in my notebook for all the patterns I want to write up from my own designs.

Without further ado or sugar coating the turd… This is my WIP shame!

Project Number 1 – A Twist of Lime

This has got to be one of my oldest projects, I found it at the bottom of a bag of sock yarn in the attic… I’ve not touched it in over 3 years (not a huge out of time but all of the projects of 8 years or older have been ripped back in the big cull of 2017!). A really super simple pattern I designed myself as something a little more interesting than just your average sock hat… If anyone’s interested I’ll write up the pattern when it’s finished.

img_4562It doesn’t look like much at the moment but it’s going to look amazing when it’s finished and blocked. Wollmeise is just my favourite thing to make these hats from as the yarn has such a beautiful drape and feel to it…. I’ve got 2-3 of these hats in various different finishes and colours… They’re my go to when I’m having a bad hair day or just need something to keep my ears warm!

Project 2 – Truro Twist Shawl…

So I’ve knitted a few of these and it’s a pattern that I’ve been developing and trying to get perfect for about 12 years now (On and off of course i haven’t knitted the same thing for 12 years solidly!) This is a colourfull version I’m trying at the moment to test the pattern and get everything strait before having the pattern tested… As you can see… I haven’t got very far with it recently!

Project 3 – Christmas Cowl

This was supposed to be a christmas prezzie for one of my sisters but as you can see it really hasn’t happened like that. It’s a project that i’m not sure I’m going to continue with at the moment or if I’m going to rip it out and turn it into something else… It’s not that i don’t like the pattern ( Forest Park Cowl – Liz Abinate In case you’re wondering) I just don’t feel like I’ve got the right combination of pattern and yarn… Think I might cast it on again in the future with something slightly more variegated, there are some really lovely examples on people project pages on Ravelry.

It’s knitting up beautifully quickly and I’m using some Rowan aran I had in my stash… maybe it’s the yarn (I much prefer variegated) I just don’t love it and feel I would be finishing it just for the sake of it… Is that a good reason to finish something?!

Project 4 – Christmas Eve Socks

So this year I took part in Little Bobbin Knits’ Christmas eve cast on. The socks themselves are coming on nicely and you can read more about them in one of my more recent posts here.

I love them intact, they are knitting up beautifully I haven’t dedicated enough time to them recently though as I have had other commitments. There are people on the Ravelry group that had theirs finished ready for New years… I’m in awe!

Project 5 – January Socks

I am attempting this year to participate in Voolenvines Box’o’sox KAL… 12 pairs of sock made over the year and photographed in a box… Ummm well considering I’ve managed a sum total of about 3 pairs in the 10+ years i’ve been knitting this might be a little optomistic but we shall see how far I get! These are knit using Wollmeise Mini’s I’ve had for years and will consist of 4 colour changes and an afterthought heal… In theory!

Project 6 – Just to Break Up the Socks…

So to break up the sock monotony I’ve cast on a shawl… A really simple one of my own design that is using up all the odds and ends I’ve got in my yarn boxes. It’s a 4ply shawl with mostly garter stitch and some eyelet rows on the colour changes. Love it! so much fun to knit… so easy to knit! It will eventually be a large asymmetrical shawl of many colours and textures. Pattern to follow soon!

Project 7 – Rail Fence – Test Knit

I have taken on another test knit! I know… after the last one I said no more but I really liked the look of this one and it has tassels!!! Tassels!!! It’s a really good opportunity for me to showcase some of my brand new shiny hand dyed yarn too. This is my second cast on as there was an error with the pattern and my gauge was off.

I love using this old shoe bag for my projects! Don’t like throwing this away and look isn’t it just gorgeous! Adds to the rustic aesthetic of my knitting.

Project 8 – I FOUND MY FADE!

Soon many of you may have picked up on the new craze sweeping through the knitting world at the moment – Andrea Mowry‘s Find your fade pattern has become something of a knitting sensation! I bought the patten when it was released, partly because the construction of the shawl really interested me… Also I just love big shawls and fancied knitting something with different colours in for a change. Well I’ve been a little bit true to that… I am knitting the pattern and I’m using Yarns from my stash ( I CANNOT buy any more yarn… I just can’t fit it in!… or afford it) I have however stuck to some of the coolers that I know and love, my safe colours (partly because that’s all I really have in my stash mind). So in the end I will have a beautiful grey, green and blue shawl that I’m really looking forward to wearing. I’ve gone for 6 colours as I really count justify cracking into a new ball of Wollmeise or something similar just for the first 30g of the shawl.I’m keeping it in a really special bag to me too. It’s a special Liberty print bag that my Mother-in-law gave me one christmas, it’s just beautiful and I still have the heart decoration attached to it too. Somethings are just meant to be!


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