Dealgan Spinning

Spinning Saturday

When looking to buy myself a new drop spindle recently I found a Welsh maker on Etsy and they have a great selection of spindles as well as a new one I’d never heard of, the Gaelic Dealgan. As a lover of all interesting and slightly unusual I decided to go with one of these (after watching a couple of YouTube videos that is on how to use them). Their quirky shape and the fact that you can wind the yarn into a centre pull ball as you spin really got my attention.


Photo of my new Dealgan from the suppliers website – NiddyNoddyUK on Etsy.

Well, as I was buying myself a new spindle I thought I would invest in some rolls too. I’d seen these lovely coloured rolags on the first Alterknit Universe Podcast… So I ordered some!.. Two bags in Hulk & Pride. My spinning skills are still questionable so I really hope I do these beautiful fibres justice!

The Hulk is made up of: 40% Shetland, 30% BFL, 5% Welsh, 25% Nylon

Pride is made up of: 50% Shetland, 20% Bamboo, 5% Other British (BFL and Black Welsh), 25% Nylon

Pictures of my new Rolags (Taken from the Alterknit Universe website)

Everything has arrived…! I’m very excited.

I started spinning with the sample fibres that were sent with my new spindle, They’re a light pink and so lofty! Neil from NiddyNoddy (the lovely company I bought the spindle from) The fibres they very kindly sent me with my spindle are from Dorset Down sheep… So versatile… It spins beautifully any thickness. Only draw back…. It’s pink!

Looking forward to showing off the finished results, well if they’re any good!


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