Teaching Myself Brioche…

So, brioche has hit knitting hard and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon with full force. By Brioche I mean brioche stitch not the tasty fluffy bread great served with tea or hot choc… Although that would be nice on a cold morning like this morning.

Knitting Fresh Brioche
Knitting Brioche – Nancy Marchant

Last week I was very naughty and knowing full well that I don’t have the finances to do it and the fact that I can resist anything in life with the exception of temptation I went to my LYS for a catch up… I walked out with two skeins of Coop Knits Sock Yeah and Nancy Marchant’s book “Fresh Brioche – Creating two colour twists and turns”. Great… now I am committed to learning how to do this!

This afternoon has been blessedly quiet, The Day started badly, got steadily worse, covered itself and me in sheep poo… But now it’s on the up so as I’m sitting here with the puppy asleep on my feet and a hot water bottle under my toes, it’s as good a time as any to teach myself how to knit Brioche.

Starting out…

I’ve watched several videos on YouTube over the past few weeks, each one as informative as the last but I’ll be dammed if I can drum into my head the difference between a brk & a brp…

Nancy’s book is very informative and has great pictures on how to do a two colour Italian cast on. I’ve got some DPN’s that are slightly larger than I needed but we’ll see what happens.

I cast on 25 (always an uneven number so it’s nice and neat with the same colour beginning and ending).

25 sitiches…. too ambitious (everything got twisted on the first pass!!)… trying again with 11… beginning and ending on a light side.

I can knit two colour brioche!! It grows a lot quicker than I thought it would too considering that you do 4 passes on each row. Loving this colour combination too I might have to see if I can remember which Cascade 220 shades they are and get some more for a brioche project!

How Did I do it?

So, I found Nancy’s book was great to learn from but as a visual knitter I also used a video from YouTube you can find it here.

Next stop increasing and decreasing!


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