Lacking the Zing I Needed

As you will remember last week I published a post about all my knitting needles and at the end of the post i mentioned that I would be testing two different types of circulars. I have been testing these for the past couple of weeks now and so I thought I would start with a write up about the Knit Pro ‘Zing’ needles.

According to the Dictionary, “Zing” – Noun – vitality, animation, or zest. Despite this wonderfully exciting name and the energy it exudes I’m afraid I have failed to get anywhere with these needles… It’s unfortunate as I did have high hopes for the 120cm 2.25mm’s that I ordered for my christmas cast on.

I am testing them on a pair of two at a time toe up socks I’m making from ‘A Taste of Wollmeise’ selection that I purchased years ago… I was determined to give both pairs of needles a fair trial and so I’m seeing it thought all the way to the top of the cuff…

Not Going to Lie… It Started Badly…

The points aren’t sharp enough to pick up and make one… It becomes incredibly frustrating so I ended up doing a knit front and back (not my preferred method of increasing but these needles are too blunt and I didn’t have a choice)

I’m also incredibly worried that they’re going to bend… The metal feels (with the pressure needed to make stitches etc…) That it’s going to bend in my hands, it’s not ideal but as yet I’ve not managed to bend or break them.

How Long is Too Long With a Magic Loop?

This is a great question and one that I didn’t think that this would be the answer too… 120cm is too long. It just get’s in the way a bit and likes to flip over and get caught. 100cm I thought was a little tight but actually beginning to realise that it’s just enough to knit the socks and not enough to get in the way, perfect combination of attributes!

All in All…. It Ended Badly Too…

Sadly I’m not as impressed as I thought I was going to be… I’ve got lots and lots of KnitPro’s but these ones don’t cut it for sock knitting… Maybe I’ll give them a go on some shawls instead… give them a second chance?

I contacted the supplier as it turns out there is a fault with the needles, they’re not a pair… one is sharp the other blunt, one shiny and the other scratched and dull.So I raised the issue with KnitPro… Firstly it took KnitPro 2 weeks to get back to me after two emails and one Facebook message. They have stated that they are not willing to replace the needles as even though I purchased them from a well know online retailer and I should go back to them (Which I have and they directed me to KnitPro…. We are at a stale mate with a set of unusable needles)… NOT the customer service I had come to expect. Sad really.

I the future I’m going to stick to my Hiya Hiya Sharps… An all round much much better needle!


As you can see in the video – the needle on the left is dull with a flat top and the one on the right has a very rounded point no good for sock yarn… 


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