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Green Moss Cowl

One of my all time favourite knits and I’ve finally got round to writing out the pattern for it! This super simple very warm and squishy cowl is perfect for the spring chill that’s still in the air at the moment. Only 200g of bulky weight yarn, 10mm circulars and a few hours later you have a beautifully hemmed heathered, textured cowl that you can wrap round once, twice or three times for extra warmth.

After months and months of knitting with nothing but 4ply I really needed a quick and satisfying knit and this was just the ticket! I’ve made a couple of these cowls now, the latest one is off to a very dear friend of mine. The cowl in the photograph is about 6-7 years old and is a very dear friend of mine and my go to keep warm and snuggle!

You can download the pattern free on our ravelry page here. I know that you’ll enjoy this gorgeous knit just as much as I do!


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