Maybe I’m a Little More Stroud Than I Care to Admit? 

My Husband is from the Stroud valleys, he grew up here and so when we first started living here I moved up this way. To me leaving behind the rolling hills, cotswold stone and very overpriced houses of the North Cotswolds (Chipping Campden) was a bit of a wrench at first, I moved to a place with little to no pub culture that I could find… A long winding valley with steep hills and Stroud…

Stroud and I have a curious relationship, I’m not going to lie it took me by surprise the first time I ventured forth onto its slightly grubby streets. But the longer I’ve lived here the more I’ve become accustomed to it’s charming idiosyncrasies and some of it’s completely bat shit crazy inhabitants.

For the most part as a creative person, Stroud gives you the opportunity to explore that side of your personality… It’s okay to be creative here and not conform to the freshly pressed chinos and polo shirts of elsewhere in the Cotswolds. If you look a little bed worn and shabby this adds to your artistic chic!

I have come to love Stroud, our little cottage and it’s surrounding areas. Thanks in part to the opening of a local yarn shop in the town centre that I really enjoy visiting and the common land that I walk Hutch on daily. I clearly didn’t realise how much Stroud had weaselled it’s way under my skin though until I started knitting these socks!… Finished and proudly wearing them my husband exclaims – “They’re a bit Stroud”

Yes love I suppose they are!… & while last year I would have been affronted, now I have come to peace with my little corner of the world that no one bats an eyelid if I wear rainbow socks over my skinny jeans. What an interesting place!


Ooo as a side note, if you’re planning a visit to Stroud… Visit on a Saturday for the farmers market… the street food vendors are amazing! I’m not a veggie but the Falafel stand is a MUST!!


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