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I Didn’t Know I Was Missing Out… Until Now!

So I’m 30… Well I’ve been 30 for a grand total of 10 days now. I am yet to write the thank you letters that I have promised to send this year and instead I have busied myself with the mountain of work that I need to produce and my knitting.

Why do I mention that I’m 30… Well to treat myself on my birthday I bought myself the most practical of items that I never knew I needed until I bought them… Blocking wires!

I was always of the opinion that I could achieve perfection in blocking by pinning things out on a carpeted floor (preferably one that people and dogs aren’t going to walk/sleep on) and by using hundreds of pins I’d achieve the sweeping elegant shape all patterns call for… Oh how wrong I’ve been. I don’t know how I could have been so wrong!

The Wires have arrived and I have a set of mats (children playing mats that I purchased from Ebay… other shops are available… for the sum total of £10). So Saturday morning and I’m cleaning the kitchen (as one does) scrubbing the sink ready to soak and block a wee baby cardigan that I finished last night, but I can’t just fill the sink with warm water and the gorgeous smell of Soak wash for one tiny weeny baby item… Enter the longest standing project of almost completion.

Walk on the Moon


Now I honestly can’t tell you why this has been sitting in the back of my stash, completed but unblocked and unloved for a little over 6 years…. 6 YEARS!!! It’s a very well written and truly beautiful pattern. I really enjoyed knitting it… I LOVE knitting with Wollmeise yarn and well I don’t have an excuse.

So I found my shawl and decided that now would be a really good time to block it with my new wires. I wasn’t wrong… It was a good time! I mean honestly how much difference can a few wires make? The make ALL the difference! We now have a quietly blocking shawl with smooth curves not a pointy pin mark in sight! How have I gone so long without them?

For those of you that are interested I used Lazadas – Super flexible knitting blocking wire set. I wanted something that could be kept nice and company when not in use as I like to take up space with yarn rather then notions.

They’ve worked a dream! I bought them lateish one evening from Ysolda’s website and they arrived first thing the next morning…. I mean that is service for you!

Really I’m not a fan of any blocking mat pictures… I don’t like the bright colour mismatch against your projects BUT today is an exception as I have no other way of demonstrating to you the lovely curves! I can’t wait to take it off the mat when it’s all nice and dry.

Have a lovely weekend folks


Nu xx


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