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How To Adult!

Well these past few days have been an interesting challenge and I am looking forward to making it through to Monday evening when I can relax with a non-alcoholic beer (yay pregnancy) and get a really early night!

I have once again completely underestimated just how exhausting growing a baby is and instead of facing everything I have to do like an adult and just cracking on with it… I be up/wore out my break disks… Our fridge freezer packed up and then I managed to smear dog poo on my hand whilst trying to pick it up with a bag. I am exhausted… I need sleep but I also need to finish the first half of an enormous leather working project…. & so I am knitting.

I can’t help it… I need to clear my head, regroup and start again. I honestly don’t know how people manage to stay on task and unfuzzed.

So this afternoon I have set goals, I have set tasks, I have downloaded the dramatised radio version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy from the 1970’s ready for a productive afternoon. How is it going to go?

Lock up your knitting? – Yes I think that is the only way! I’ve got several design projects on the moment… I’m not sure if its the huge looming deadline (in another medium) is whats using the creativity out of me through knitting, if its an aversion technique, or if I genuinely have been struck a huge spurt of inspirational genius… Doubtful. I think I’m burying my head in knitting in the hope that the other deadline will disappear… It’s really not happening!

“It must be Thursday, I never could quite get the hang of Thursdays” – Arthur Dent, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.


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